Sailing to Pearl of Adriatic

Sailing to Pearl of Adriatic

What does the program involve?

Mostly, the program is a sailing trip that will take you to the special city of Dubrovnik. This ancient Croatian city is part of the filming set for Game of Thrones, and is also a stunning city with rich, decadent history. A trip here is time spent well, and sailing here will ensure that you get to enjoy a very satisfying journey along the way.

You will experience a city that still stands with classic city walls, including old-school fortresses. You will also get to enjoy walking around the stunning squares of the city, alongside a whole host of chosen historical events and activities to look at. On top of that, of course this program involves getting to visit a special city, arriving in one of the most calming and enjoyable ways to travel.

The city itself has many great landmarks to see and visit. This is why we recommend that you take the time to look into events within the city. When we arrive, you will have ample time to check out all of the various parts of Dubrovnik that you wish. Sailing to Dubrovnik, then, allows the perfect opportunity to just experience something different.

Program content

The goal of this entire program is not only to help you see Dubrovnik, though – it’s to help you become better at sailing in general. However, this means being prepared for a whole new kind of challenge. This is why we ask that you have at least ten days of sailing experience behind you, and at least 200 NM logged into your logbook. We also reserve the right to test your skills, so please do not be insulted if we require a demonstration.

By taking part in this program, you will get to enjoy a special trip away. More importantly, though you get to enjoy a whopping 200 NM of sailing that goes far beyond what you might have expected. You will be sailing to the Southern Adriatic, taking in a route that goes from Jezera to Hvar, Korcula to Dubrovnik and then back. This allows us to enjoy a wonderful trip that will test your skills and ensure that you can best handle the overall sailing experience.

We will start on the Saturday of your choosing, and the program will end the following Friday in the afternoon. Be advised that you will be using accommodation onboard your yacht so be prepared for this before setting sails.

Packing tips

As one of the most stunning cities in the world, a trip to Dubrovnik should come with plenty of planning. While you should obviously make sure that you bring some stylish clothes for any time spent in the city, for sailing purposes we recommend that you bring the following items:

  • Sailing gloves and a pair of non-slip shoes to help improve grip when the water comes on.
  • Long-sleeve shirts that protect you from the sun, with shorts or trousers as desired.
  • Sunscreen as well as a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off of you when sailing.
  • A pair of sunglasses to help improve how easily you can see when you are sailing.
  • Personal hygiene products and toiletries, including towels for sunbathing.
  • If you come in the colder months, bring a waterproof jacket and a sleeping bag/blanket.

Also, be sure to bring any kind of items that you need for medical purposes. As this is a longer trip, we recommend that you maximize the amount that you bring to ensure you have enough. Not sure what else you might need? Contact us today, and we can help you to find the right content for your trip.

Below you can find a list of available Sailing to Dubrovnik programs and corresponding price. Contact us today for your best offer!

Sailing to Dubrovnik | 18.05. - 24.05.2019 |

Price: 796.00 EUR Request offer

Sailing to Dubrovnik | 27.07. - 02.08.2019 |

Price: 877.00 EUR Request offer

Sailing to Dubrovnik | 14.09. - 20.09.2019 |

Price: 796.00 EUR Request offer
Discount: -25%

Rogoznica - Marina Frapa | Croatia

  • Length 12.70 m
  • Cabins 3
  • Berths 6+2
  • Year 2017
Price per week 1.400,00 EUR 1.050,00 EUR
Discount: -30%

Murter - Marina ACI Jezera | Croatia

  • Length 10.00 m
  • Cabins 2
  • Berths 4+2
  • Year 2004
Price per week 1.000,00 EUR 700,00 EUR
Discount: -25%

Trogir - Marina ACI Trogir | Croatia

  • Length 11.50 m
  • Cabins 3
  • Berths 6+2
  • Year 2014
Price per week 1.372,86 EUR 1.029,64 EUR
Discount: -40%

Biograd - Marina Sangulin | Croatia

  • Length 10.28 m
  • Cabins 3
  • Berths 6+2
  • Year 2015
Price per week 1.190,00 EUR 714,00 EUR
Discount: -20%

Biograd - Marina Kornati | Croatia

  • Length 13.00 m
  • Cabins 4
  • Berths 8+2
  • Year 2018
Price per week 2.400,00 EUR 1.920,00 EUR
Discount: -35%

Split - Marina ACI Split | Croatia

  • Length 15.40 m
  • Cabins 4
  • Berths 8+2+1
  • Year 2012
Price per week 2.200,00 EUR 1.430,00 EUR
Discount: -15%

Trogir - Marina ACI Trogir | Croatia

  • Length 10.65 m
  • Cabins 2
  • Berths 4+2
  • Year 2008
Price per week 790,00 EUR 675,45 EUR
Discount: -25%

Pula - Marina Tehnomont Veruda | Croatia

  • Length 11.34 m
  • Cabins 3
  • Berths 6+2
  • Year 2018
Price per week 1.500,00 EUR 1.125,00 EUR

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