A sailing holiday in Turkey can provide a pretty unique experience. Many people can find it hard to locate a part of the world they wish to sail to, but few parts of the world are quite so enjoyable to visit as Turkey. This rich hub of life, culture and societal change makes the most wonderful place to begin any sailing trip. Have a look at our amazing yacht charter offer in Turkey and enjoy your experience of a lifetime!

The amazing coastlines of Turkey are breath-taking enough, as is the amazing views of the cities that you get. From the capital of Ankara to the metropolis of Istanbul, spanning both Europe and Asia, you will find that many opportunities exist to enjoy living in Turkey. Sailors are always enjoying the awesome winds of the Turkish shore, whilst sailing crews find their agreeable waters and stunning turquoise seas to be very easy to sail upon.

Whether you are looking for good sailing conditions or want to approach your time in Turkey from the water, yachting in Turkey makes plenty of sense. You can take advantage of its strong afternoon winds and impressive sailing weather into the evening, making it easy to visit this amazing country and see all it has to offer – which is a lot.

From the stunning rock tombs easily accessed when yachting in Turkey, which provide a fun insight into Turkish history, to easy docking at its major cities and port towns, you can do all that you want when visiting this stunning location.


The perfect family sailing trip

Among the many reasons to choose to come yachting in Turkey is the fact that it plays host to so many locations to come and see. The further west you go, the more challenging the wind can be - making it fun for sailors who want to enjoy a bit of high-excitement sailing. For families, staying on the eastern parts of Turkey can make it easier for you to all just relax as you go.

One of the most popular parts to visit when yachting in Turkey is the Fethiye flotilla. This amazing location will give you all the help that you need to see a whole new side to Turkey, making it very easy to fall in love with this special location.

Whether you are here for culture or adventure, you will find both in abundance. It’s among the most important parts of Southern Europe, and easily stands as a location any sailor should come and visit. The rich heart and energy of Turkish society is easy to find even out at sea, making it the perfect place to come for those who enjoy a more sociable, sun-kissed holiday.

Whatever your aims or ambitions are for your trip, yachting in Turkey will make it very easy to fulfil said ambitions. Be sure to check it out - the Turkish sea offers an experience that’s very hard to find otherwise. Check out our offer of more than 150 yachts in Turkey!

Goecek - Marina D-Marin | Turkey

  • Length 11.97 m
  • Cabins 4
  • Berths 10+1
  • Year 2007
Price per week 2.700,00 EUR
Discount: -20%

Goecek - Marina Port Goecek | Turkey

  • Length 15.57 m
  • Cabins 5
  • Berths 10
  • Year 2013
Price per week 2.900,00 EUR 2.320,00 EUR

Fethiye - Marina Fethiye | Turkey

  • Length 15.20 m
  • Cabins 4
  • Berths 8+2+1
  • Year 2016
Price per week 3.200,00 EUR

Marmaris - Marina Marmaris Yacht | Turkey

  • Length 13.00 m
  • Cabins 4
  • Berths 8+2
  • Year 2004
Price per week 3.490,00 EUR

Orhaniye - Marina Orhaniye | Turkey

  • Length 10.45 m
  • Cabins 3
  • Berths 6+2
  • Year 2016
Price per week 1.810,00 EUR
Discount: -5%

Fethiye - Marina Fethiye | Turkey

  • Length 10.94 m
  • Cabins 3
  • Berths 6+2
  • Year 2011
Price per week 1.675,00 EUR 1.591,25 EUR

Bodrum - Marina D-Marin Turgutre | Turkey

  • Length 13.61 m
  • Cabins 3
  • Berths 6+2+1
  • Year 2008
Price per week 4.500,00 EUR
Discount: -20%

Goecek - Marina Port Goecek | Turkey

  • Length 14.42 m
  • Cabins 3
  • Berths 6+2
  • Year 2018
Price per week 3.200,00 EUR 2.560,00 EUR

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