Nautical gastronomy is one of the Croatian top offers! Numerous family owned restaurants, conveniently suited for easy access by yacht, guarantee extraordinary experience. You can enjoy fresh Mediterranean cuisine directly off your yacht. Many restaurants along the coast have their own docking piers or dedicated and protected anchorages allowing you to enjoy hassle free gourmet experience. 

Below you can find an introduction to numerous restaurants waiting for sailors to host after the long day at sea. For more details about nautical restaurants in Croatia please feel free to contact us

North Adriatic Sailing - Route 1

Restaurant MORE

Supetarska Draga 321,  51280 Rab 

Owners: Milan & Ankica Tariba

T: +385 51 776 457

T: +385 51 776 202

M: +385 95 1965 861



Opening period:  From Easter till the end of October

Working hours:  From 10:00 to 24:00 h

Berthing:  Long pier in front of the restaurant is equipped with moorings and electricity and water supply; you can anchor in the bay or use ACI Marina Supetarska Draga for overnight 

Description:  MORE is a fisherman's restaurant. It is a family owned with its own exclusive catch of fish and crabs. They offer olive oil and potatoes from own breeding. Mr. Tariba started career as a successful fisherman and thereafter upgraded to the waiter working in island's resort.  During that voyage he met his wife and now together with their children they offer you delicious fresh food aiming to present you with perfection in taste. 

Restaurant CORRADO

Svete Marije 1,  51550 Mali Lošinj 

Owner: Igor Morin

T: +385 51 232 487

M: +385 99 6706 226


Opening period:  From Easter till 15th of October

Working hours:  From 11:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 24:00 h

Berthing:  Harbour pontoons are equipped with moorings and electricity and water supply; Marina is available in Privlaka and pier in the northern harbour Sv. Martin have berths with moorings.

Description:  CORRADO restaurant has a philosophy – what needs to be cooked, will be cooked when guest orders. Nothing here is pre-cooked. Mr. Igor, the owner of the restaurant mastered his oven-baked fish to perfection, along with “grancigula risotto”.  Phone reservation in advance is mandatory.

North Adriatic Sailing - Route 2


Unije 109, 51562 Unije

Owner: Vedrana Smudić

T: +385 51 235 719

M: +385 95 5125 422


Opening period:  From 10th of June till 15th of September

Working hours:  From 12:00 to 16:00 and from 18:00 to 23:00 h

Berthing:  Pier in harbour Unije or anchor; buoys in nearby Maračol Bay

Description:  PALMIRA's cooking is a kind of home cooking how it used to be done on the island. Family owned tavern has their own breeding vegetables and olives. The base of Palmira’s kitchen is their own bred lamb. Family also collects local herbs, which make their food nostalgically delicious.

Restaurant BELONA

Šetalište 20. travnja 24, 51557 Cres

Owner: Blaž Stolnik

T: +385 51 571 203

M: +385 98 409 300

Opening period:  From March till November

Working hours:  From 9:00 to 24:00 h 

Berthing:  Harbour Cres  (berths with moorings and connections for electricity and water); Marina Brodogradilište Cres; ACI Marina Cres

Description:  Restaurant BELONA is located in a hundred years old small typical seaside house, for which the old locals say, “it was always a tavern”. Thanks to its current owner, Belona combines two traditional cuisines. During warm months, you will enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with a lot of fish and seafood. In cold months, you can warm up yourself with some beans with sausage and sour cabbage.

Central Adriatic Sailing - Route 1

Restaurant BONACA

Rokovača 5, 22222 Skradin

Owner: Ivan Bulat

T: +385 22 771 444

M: +385 91 5105 575


Opening period:  From 1st of April till 30th of October

Working hours:  From 12:00 to 24:00 h

Berthing:  ACI Marina Skradin or pier in Skradin harbour

Description:  Twenty-three years of tradition are visible in pleasant surroundings and kindness of staff, but most of all it is visible in delicious meals. Bonaca has their own production of vine, liqueurs, olive oil, dried figs, their own breeding vegetables and - catch of fish. Along with offer of unique sweets, it would be a pity not to visit this place.

Restaurant ANTONIJO

Obala kneza Domagoja bb, 22203 Rogoznica

Owner: Ante Radić

T: +385 22 559 411

M: +385 91 2096 354


Opening period:  From 20th of February  till 1st of November

Working hours:  From 10:00 to 24:00 h

Berthing:  Pier in front of the restaurant (berths with moorings, and connections for electricity and water) or Marina Frapa

Description:  Another family owned restaurant with their own olive oil, vine, vinegar, dry figs, vegetables, herbs and pine nuts. In this restaurant, you will eat meals prepared with lots of love. Love for cooking, love for mixing flavours to perfection. Their octopus salad is known worldwide. Their main guidance is to last.

Central Adriatic Sailing - Route 2

Restaurant D i M

Put mulića 18, Verunić, 23287 Veli Rat

Owner: Dragan Galošić

T: +385 23 378 042

M: +385 98 811 051


Opening period:  From Easter  till 15th of October

Working hours:  From 12:00 to 24:00 h

Berthing:  Pier in front of restaurant (berths with moorings, and connections for electricity and water); buoys in Čuna Bay; Marina Veli rat

Description:  Special restaurant on special location. With their own catch of fish, own olive oil, marinated olives and maginja marmalade. You will not be able to get recipes of fine dishes, but you will taste not ordinary seaside cuisine. Due to owner’s years spent working in France, this is home cooking with French twist. Cuisine, which you can not exactly define but you, will enjoy it a lot.

Restaurant GRIBLJA

Trg Ruševac bb, 23206 Sukošan

Owner: Borovi potoci d.o.o., Chef Renato Kraljev

T: +385 23 393 700

M: +385 99 2227 472



Opening period:  All year round, except from 1st of January till 15th of January

Working hours:  From 12:00 to 24:00 h

Berthing:  Marina Dalmacija, Sukošan harbour

Description:  One of a kind. Family of cooks. Besides being delicious, their meals with mild aromas are lenitive. Always aiming to be original, cooking of Griblja is a rare gastronomy experience. If you liked what you have ate, in their gastro shop you can purchase memory reminder in shape of liqueurs, verity of cheeses, olive oils etc. For more enjoyment, peek in their wine corner.

South Adriatic Sailing - Route 1

Restaurant PALMIŽANA

Palmižana bb, 21450 Hvar

Owner: Dagmar, Romina and Tarin Meneghello

T: +385 21 717 270

M: +385 91 4783 111



Opening period:  From 1st of April till 27th October

Working hours:  From 11:00 to 23:00 h

Berthing:  ACI Marina Palmižana; Anchoring in Vinogradišće Bay

Description:  This is a peaceful place of fine dine and fine art. It is located on hundred years old family estate in one of the most beautiful archipelagos in Adriatic. Ancestors’ vision of paradise of cultural tourism is continued in nowadays. Besides preparing tasty meals, restaurant Palmižana also promotes art with art exhibitions.

Restaurant SPEEZA HVAR

Vicka Butorovića 64, 21450 Hvar

Owner: Ivan Buzolić

M: +385 98 917 7386

M: +385 981688797



Opening period:  From 31st of March till 30th November

Working hours:  From 12:00 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to 24:00 h

Berthing:  ACI Marina Palmižana;  Hvar harbour

Description:  A family run slow-food restaurant. They understand, know, love and prepare food with ultimate respect for tradition, ambient and season. Their forte is traditional Dalmatian and Croatian cuisine with a modern twist in techniques and presentation. They also host interactive cooking classes through which you can learn basics of understanding and preparing easy and healthy recipes, regardless of your skills or background.

South Adriatic Sailing - Route 2


Sveti Klement, 21450 Hvar

Owner: Tonči Matijević

M: +385 98 727 186

M: +385 99 4200 060



Opening period:  From 1st of May till 1st October

Working hours:  From 10:00 till 23:00 h

Berthing: Anchoring at the north of Sv. Klement island in Vlaka Bay, anchoring in south of Sv. Klement island in Soline Bay

Description:  The food is picked in the field and caught in the sea, and the wine is from the vineyard produced the year before. Even today, the guests can, if they wish, begin their day with Tonči, meaning the early birds can go fishing before sunrise, and help pull out the fishing nets. One can choose one's lunch already at breakfast, by picking out from the rich catch of delicious Adriatic fish. Fruit and vegetables are biologically cultivated, and picked shortly before consumption. The canopied terrace, overlooking the rich vineyard and vegetable garden, is the “dining and living place”. The little boarding house is today a place where one can kick back and enjoy life in sync with nature, yet completely comfortable.

Tavern BAKO

Gundulićeva 1, 21485 Komiža

Owner: Vlado Spajić

M: +385 98 360 469

T: +385 21 713 742



Opening period:  whole year

Working hours:  summer from 16:00 till 02:00h; winter from 17:00 till 24:00 h

Berthing: berths on pier with connections for electricity and water

Description:  When you visit Bako you will surely enjoy sitting in the shade of tamarisk trees or entering it to discover its unique atmosfere. Its interior will bring you some distant past: its stone walls are covered with photos, fishing laterns and nets which show you of how Komiža once was. Tavern will also show you the hydroarcehological collection consisting of 58 exibits-amforas, glass bottles, ceramis disheslead anchors, a very rare lauterion (the ship alter), achandelier and bronze bell. Amogn the exibits there are some very precious and unique examples. A special attention should be dedicated to the Corintian type A amphore whose origin goes back as far as 5 cent.B.C